What is Our Silence Worth to Miley Cyrus?

A dear friend of ours, you might know him, Andy Andrews (the bestselling author and inspirational speaker), wrote a blog yesterday with a great message to the world.  He says, "We are dangerously passive when it comes to promoting people who deserve it. Is there anyone whose work or influence we should passionately get behind? Or do we carry on with our timid retreat as the culture we have allowed to overwhelm us continues to marginalize most of what we consider right and good?"  - See more at: 

What is Our Silence Worth to Miley Cyrus? | Andy Andrews

©2009-2014 Andy Andrews. Used by Permission. Originally posted on AndyAndrews.com.

If you read the post, you may be as surprised as we are to find our names in there.  Yep, Sugarcane Jane.  We've got the thumbs up from Andy and that's about as good as it gets in our book.  But aside from that, he is right.  It's an important message and we need to listen.  So the next time you find yourself admiring someone's talent or skill or personality or anything.  Share it.  Share it with as many people as you can.  Because without you doing it, the world will miss it.  And there's a lot of good out there to pass around.  Just ask Andy!

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Sugarcane Jane buoyed by uplifting blog post from bestselling author Andy Andrews


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