Scj alright with me
Scj alright with me
  1. Alright With Me

From the album Alright With Me

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Today is all about communication and still I don't understand
How we could let love get away when we had it right here in the palm of our hand

*You were
Tip toeing around in the morning
You did not want to wake me
You've learned to be alone
And now you're alone and free
Alone and free
For the first time in your life you're gonna be
What you want to be
Whatever you want to be
Is alright with me
Alright with me*

Now I can see a difference
Counting back the days to a year ago
And I can see that you were troubled
But to the severity I did not know


A permanent situation or was this a temporary insanity
This the number one question I pose to myself is still avoiding me


You've been acting like a man in love all starry eyed and rosy cheeks
And normally this would be alright but you're a man in love and it's not with me



It's alright with me
Alright with me